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Airport travelAirport travel
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Airport travelling tips

As exciting as it is, travelling can also become tiring, especially on your way to the airport. From running up and down to passing a security check and boarding your flight it can become exasperating. Whether it is for personal or business, travelling can be a lot to deal with.

Below are a few helpful tips everyone can use. These tips can make your experience a little less stressful.


Luggage tips

Whether you are travelling out of town for the weekend or going on an overseas holiday packing smart can be helpful. Most people struggle when it comes to packing their luggage bags. Others hope that they can fit their clothes in one duffel bag and will be good to go. But sometimes you find that you always pack more than you need, for those “just in case” moments.

If you always pack more than you need to, you need to find yourself the best travel bags. There are many options of travel luggage for sale that can fit all your clothing. Luggage suitcases sets comes in three different sizes. The smallest suitcase is 52cm – this is the size you can use as carry-on baggage, the medium is 66cm and the largest is 75cm. Having a set allows you to pack all your belonging instead of trying to fit everything in one suitcase. But don’t pack your entire wardrobe, you still have to go through check-in and you don’t want to pay luggage fees.

Always use a travel luggage bag set, not only will it look like you have your life put together, but sets will also always help you identify your luggage. Make sure your valuables and small items such as your phone, expensive watch and laptop travel with you as part of your hand luggage.


Call the airport beforehand

It’s a great idea to call the airline customer service before going. At times flights can be delayed or they can be cancelled so it would be best for you to call them before just to double check and save your time.


Give yourself enough time

Rushing to the airport has never helped anyone. The common mistake travellers make is leaving tasks to the last minute. Make sure you have packed your suitcases days before your flight. If you don’t give yourself enough time to prepare everything before you leave your house, not only will you be running around like a headless chicken but you could also miss your flight.

If you are travelling internationally it would be advised that you leave your home three hours prior. If you’re travelling around South Africa, leave an hour and a half before travel time. Leaving early will give you enough time for check-in and be on the road, in case of any traffic or accidents. When you arrive earlier it also makes checking in so much easier since your mind isn’t all over the place.


Have all your documents nearby

Make sure you have all your documents with you before you leave your home. If you are travelling locally you can have your drivers licence or identity document, if you’re going overseas, then have your valid passport and visa. Double check that your passport hasn’t expired to avoid disappointment.


Have a checklist

Have a checklist and go through it before you leave your house. This will make sure that you don't forget key items like your passport, boarding pass, flight ticket, prescription medication, charger and phone. While packing, make sure you tick off all the things you’ve added to your luggage.


Keep your personal belongings safe

Never keep your personal belongings like your cellphone, wallet and money in your suitcase. Always keep your valuables in your carry-on baggage.


Follow custom requirements

If you are travelling with any liquids, make sure they’re sealed and packed in a transparent container or leak-proof bag. Make sure that your containers are no more than 100ml. To make things easier for yourself, try and pack only the items you really need and won’t find while travelling. Another handy tip is to weigh your luggage before going to the airport to give yourself an idea of how much your luggage weighs. Make sure you find out what the baggage allowance is before arriving at the airport.


Do things online

Rather check-in, in the comfort of your own home than when standing in a long check-in line. Technology is here to make your life easier, so use it to your advantage. You can also choose which seat you want and once you get to the airport you’ll only need to go right to bag drop off.


Take a cab to the airport

Airport parking can be expensive and they have high parking fees so save money and request a cab to take you to the airport.


Always keep airport peak hours in mind

There are times when the airport will be busy like on weekend. If your flight is scheduled during the weekend or Monday, try and give yourself an extra 30 minutes in case of delays so that you don’t miss your flight. Or if you would like to avoid the peak hours, travel during the week.


Security check

Security check can become a hassle, make sure you take off any metal objects like jewellery, belts and electronics in your purse. This will ensure that you go through the process smoothly, make sure your documents are easily accessible to speed up the process.

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